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Empowering Resident Wellness with On-Site Physical Therapy Services

At Jubilant Therapy Services, we partner with healthcare facilities and agencies to optimize patient outcomes through improved care. We achieve this by providing on-site, personalized physical therapy services specifically designed for senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies in Austin, Dripping Springs, and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Jubilant Therapy Services?

  • Evidence-Based Care & Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality ensures residents receive the most effective therapy, leading to improved outcomes and a higher quality of life. We conduct regular quality assessments to maintain high standards of service for our partners.

  • Streamlined Integration: We collaborate closely with your existing care plan, minimizing administrative burden on your staff.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate resident needs and minimize disruptions to your daily routine.

  • Experienced Therapists: Our team of compassionate and highly skilled therapists provide exceptional care tailored to each resident.

  • Empowered Staff: We offer on-site training for facility staff, sharing best practices related to functional mobility, fall prevention, and therapeutic interventions. This empowers your staff to better assist residents between therapy sessions.

Helping Your Residents Thrive:

Our personalized therapy plans focus on improving resident mobility, reducing pain, and enhancing their overall well-being. We understand the unique needs of your aging population and collaborate seamlessly with your staff to ensure coordinated care.

Physical Therapy

Partner With Jubilant

Let Jubilant Therapy Services be your trusted partner in resident care.


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